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  Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer free estimates, and what all is involved?
    Yes we do. We will come to your home, look at the project area, and help you design a deck to fit your needs and your budget, all based on your own ideas and our input. Most of the time we can design, draw up and piece the project in one visit.
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  • What kind of projects do you undertake?
    Our mainstay is building custom designed wood decks. Remodeling and expanding existing wood decks has become very popular in recent years. We'll also undertake all the wood structures that accompany a deck such as: Arbors, Pergolas, Screen & Sunrooms, Tiki Bars, Fences, Docks, etc.
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  • What materials do you work with?
    For ground contact and load bearing reasons, all wood deck under structures are made of pressure treated lumber. The wood deck can then be covered with either pressure treated, cedar, or composite materials, along with flooring, railings, and perimeter skirting.
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  • How does the entire process go?
    After deciding on a design with a working drawing and descriptions, we'll sign a rudimentary contract describing the project, listing a target construction date, as well as the length of time to complete the project. A $100.00 deposit is due at contract signing, 50% at the start of the project, with the balance due at the time of completion. Method of payment is check, Mastercard or VISA.
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  • Does a wood deck require maintenance, and if so, how much?
    If you build a pressure treated or cedar deck, you should care for it by applying a good wood sealer with a U.V. inhibitor. We do not recommend painting as that requires even more maintenance and tends to peal and chip away. Sealing should be done every 2 or 3 years and may after time also require cleaning before the reseal including possibly power washing. Composite wood decks need yearly cleaning to keep them looking best, using a garden hose and a good quality deck cleaner sprayed on with a garden sprayer, and rinsed with the hose. Stains and spills should be cleaned up immediately.
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  • Does a wood deck make financial sense?
    Aside from the enjoyment you'll receive from your new backyard living area, and the new entertainment possibilities, you'll add curb appeal and marketability to any future sale of your property. On average, you'll get back 80% to 125% of the money you spend on the initial project.
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